Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Who can’t help but laugh at their antics in their comedy TV series? Their show is such a big hit that it is but natural that Tim and Eric take on the big screens too. True to form, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar movie is what every Tim and Eric fan is looking for and that’s creative, out of the ordinary humor that is fresh and definitely funny.

Comedy at ultrahigh levels

All the components that made the TV show a spectacular hit is present in the movie and in superimposed levels. This makes for one hilarious scene to another. There never is a dull moment with Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with all the funny spoofs, comical intermissions and amusing cartoons you will absolutely have a side-splitting good time.

A great testament to talent

It has always been said that true talent is the ability to make people laugh and Tim and Eric has surely shown they have more than their share. Those few who have not seen their TV series yet will surely start following after watching this film. Tim and Eric are comedians absolutely worth every penny you pay to watch.

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