The Movie Footloose

Footloose is an American movie that was produces in 1984. It is a musical drama film that was directed by Herbert Ross and whose screenplay was written by Dean Pitchford. Its distribution and co-production was done by Paramount Pictures. Among the actors who starred in this film is Lori Singer who played the part of an independent daughter to Reverend Moore by the name of Ariel. Dianne West was also in the movie as a wife to the Reverend, she was very devoted but at the same time also conflicted. Sarah Jessica Parker also features in the movie in the beginning as a friend to Ariel. The film was shot in several locations in the county of Utah. The tractor and high school scenes were created around and in Payson Utah. The steel mill that is used in the film is the Geneva steel mill. The last part of the movie was shot in Lehi, Utah.

This movie tells the story of a Chicago teen that was upbeat by the name of Ren McCormack who migrates to a little town where rock music and dancing are prohibited all due to the hard work of a minister in the area. The film basically forms its basis on events that occurred in the little, religious and rural community of Elmore City in Oklahoma.

Ren McCormack is a teenager who has been brought up in Chicago and moves to the little tow Bomont together with his mother to stay with his uncle and aunt. Soon after getting to Bomont, Ren becomes friends with Willard who informs hi that rock music and dancing has been prohibited by the City Council. After a short time, he starts to fall for Ariel, a rebellious girl who was at the tie dating Chuck Cranston and is also the daughter to Reverend Shaw Moore who is very overprotective father and also one of the authoritative figures of the town.

After getting an insult from Chuck, the boyfriend to Ariel, Ren finds himself in a chicken game which involves tractors and in spite the fact that he has no knowledge of driving tractors, he wins the game. Shaw does not trust Ren and tells Ariel to stay away from him. Ren together with his classmates want to get rid of the law especially due to the fact that the senior prom is just about to take place.

Ren presents himself before the City Council and reads to them many Bible Verses that allege that in the olden times [people danced to celebrate, exercise or rejoice. Despite the fact that this moves Rev. Moore and her makes attempts to make them get rid of the law, he is voted against by the council. Shaw’s wife also supports the movement and tries to explain to Shaw that he cannot be a father to everyone and that he is hardly being fatherly to Ariel. She also explains that the problem is not in the dancing and music. Shaw gets a change of heart in a short time after he sees a number of the town’s folk burning books that they held the opinion were dangerous to the young ones. Getting to the realization that this situation has gone too far, Shaw stops them from burning the books.

On Sunday, Rev. Moore makes a request to his congregation to pray for the students in High School organizing the prom which has been set up outside the town in a grain mill. Shaw and his wife’s presence are noted outside for the first time dancing in several years.

The soundtrack to this movie was released in CD, vinyl, 8-track tape and cassette format. It was again released on CD in 1999 as the 15th anniversary of the movie was being celebrated. The second release had in it four additional songs; the extended 12” remix to the song “Dancing in the Sheets”, Foreigner’s Waiting for a Girl Like You, “Hurts So Good” by John MellenCamp and Bang your Head by Quiet Riot. The soundtrack has five rock singles; Never by the rock band Moving Pictures from Australia, Girl Gets Around by Sammy Hargar, Holding out for a Hero done by Bonnie Taylor, a Welsh singer and I’m Free and Title song both done by Kenny Loggins. It also includes three R&B singles; Dancing in the Streets by Shalamar, Somebody’s eyes by Karla Bonoff and let’s hear it for the Boy by Deniece Williams.

IT is without a doubt a very beautiful production. It has a moving and flowing story line and it is definitely a movie worth watching. All the soundtracks that have been included in the movie perfectly fit it and they add a certain perfect blend to it. It is a movie that you will without a doubt enjoy watching no matter how many times you watch it.

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