The Dark Knight Rises

Arkham city’s caped savior is back! The Dark Knight franchise is back with its latest and final installment, The Dark Knight Rises. With the plot revolving around Batman, the creators have added a touch of mystique to the villain in the official trailers. The Dark Knight Rises is different from its prequel because it encompasses a villain that is not the joker that was played to such perfection by Heath Ledger.

This time the villain trying to tear apart Arkham City is none other than Bane. Yes the same Bane who was originally created in DC Comics way back in January 1993. This shows that the Dark Knight Rises is slowly bringing with itself, a sense of continued class that is reminiscent in all Batman movies.

The Christopher Nolan flick will have the same great qualities that brought so much acclaim to The Dark Knight. Most importantly, with the character of Batman unchanged, the film carries on from where it left, portraying Batman as a vigilante and not a hero. This adds to the aura around the character, at the same time building audience interest by enticing them with the same Christian Bale driven drama that was evident in both The Batman begins in 2005 and also in The Dark Knight in 2008.

Building on to where the story is at the moment, in the concluding shots of The Dark Knight, it is seen that with a tussle with the District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman is weighed down with the decision of killing him or saving himself. With Dent so hell bent that everyone including Batman was to blame for the jokers killing of his fiancé (who also is the love of Batman’s life), he goes on a rampage eventually ending up taking hostage the family of honest commissioner to entice him and to make him repent for his failure.

However, in true batman fashion, the Dark Knight arrives at the scene and is now confronting Harvey Dent, trying very hard to get him to see the light. Harvey accuses batman of killing his fiancé, even though in the events that led to her death, batman had chosen to save Dent. However, a fist fight breaks out between the two and Batman has to, reluctantly, put Dent down. However, so that Dent’s reputation remains intact, Batman then goes on ask the commissioner to blame him for all of Dents crimes, becoming the vigilante once again.

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