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The Movie Footloose

Footloose is an American movie that was produces in 1984. It is a musical drama film that was directed by Herbert Ross and whose screenplay was written by Dean Pitchford. Its distribution and co-production was done by Paramount Pictures. Among the actors who starred in this film is Lori Singer …

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2012’s Top Movies

Here are ten of the possible best movies which will dominate the cinemas next year (arranged from early to late release). Underworld 4: Awakening Release date: January 20 Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy The racial war between the Vampires and the Lycans continues in the fourth sequel of …

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Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Who can’t help but laugh at their antics in their comedy TV series? Their show is such a big hit that it is but natural that Tim and Eric take on the big screens too. True to form, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar movie is what every Tim and Eric fan is looking for and that’s creative, out of the ordinary humor that is fresh and definitely funny.

Comedy at ultrahigh levels

All the components that made the TV show a spectacular hit is present in the movie and in superimposed levels. This makes for one hilarious scene to another. There never is a dull moment with Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with all the funny spoofs, comical intermissions and amusing cartoons you will absolutely have a side-splitting good time.

A great testament to talent

It has always been said that true talent is the ability to make people laugh and Tim and Eric has surely shown they have more than their share. Those few who have not seen their TV series yet will surely start following after watching this film. Tim and Eric are comedians absolutely worth every penny you pay to watch.

The Amazing Spiderman

How is it different from others in the Spiderman franchise?

Now the basic difference that the trailers show to us is the fact that the movie starts from the very beginning of the Peter Parker story. We are first shown how Peter Parker was left to be with his aunt and uncle in the first place. It shows that Peter’s parents left him to be with them willingly, and for reasons that will only be unraveled in the movie itself. The most glaring change of course is the fact that the central role of Peter Parker and Spiderman is played by the newly inducted Andrew Garfield. The character of heroine is also changed, as it is now being played by the talented and strikingly beautiful Emma Stone.

The plot

The plot for the flick is more or less building upon the same lines as the previous three. However, Columbia is assertive of the fact that this is not a sequel to the three editions before. They say it is just a separate and a more insightful look into the character that is spider man. Even in this movie, Peter Parker is portrayed as a social misfit, aspiring for the attention of the prettiest girl in his class but never quite managing it. The story continues when the father of that girl asks him what his life is all about and he replies that ‘nothing much really’. That dialogue beautifully sums up the young Peter Parkers life pre-Spiderman.

The accident that changes the life of Peter Parker forever happens again at Emma Stone’s laboratory when Peter goes over there to meet her. Being his blundering-self, he fumbles into a room where a spider bites him while he is intrigued by the equipment over there. Peter does not have the slightest clue that the spider that has bit him is not a normal spider, but he starts to notice different biological changes in his life.

He first notices that his vision has improved over night, and is confused when he pulls out a web from the place that the spider had struck him. His evolution continues as he shows extra ordinary reflexes and moves he was previously incapable of doing. He starts to scale walls and run through abandoned alley ways, testing out his new skills. The trailer continues with a sound asking Peter if he really had any idea what he was. The sound is most likely to belong to Uncle Ben but again, we can’t be sure. What we can be sure is the fact that the upcoming movie will help us understand the character of Spider Man much better than we did before.

The Dark Knight Rises

Arkham city’s caped savior is back! The Dark Knight franchise is back with its latest and final installment, The Dark Knight Rises. With the plot revolving around Batman, the creators have added a touch of mystique to the villain in the official trailers. The Dark Knight Rises is different from its prequel because it encompasses a villain that is not the joker that was played to such perfection by Heath Ledger.

This time the villain trying to tear apart Arkham City is none other than Bane. Yes the same Bane who was originally created in DC Comics way back in January 1993. This shows that the Dark Knight Rises is slowly bringing with itself, a sense of continued class that is reminiscent in all Batman movies.

The Christopher Nolan flick will have the same great qualities that brought so much acclaim to The Dark Knight. Most importantly, with the character of Batman unchanged, the film carries on from where it left, portraying Batman as a vigilante and not a hero. This adds to the aura around the character, at the same time building audience interest by enticing them with the same Christian Bale driven drama that was evident in both The Batman begins in 2005 and also in The Dark Knight in 2008.

Building on to where the story is at the moment, in the concluding shots of The Dark Knight, it is seen that with a tussle with the District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman is weighed down with the decision of killing him or saving himself. With Dent so hell bent that everyone including Batman was to blame for the jokers killing of his fiancé (who also is the love of Batman’s life), he goes on a rampage eventually ending up taking hostage the family of honest commissioner to entice him and to make him repent for his failure.

However, in true batman fashion, the Dark Knight arrives at the scene and is now confronting Harvey Dent, trying very hard to get him to see the light. Harvey accuses batman of killing his fiancé, even though in the events that led to her death, batman had chosen to save Dent. However, a fist fight breaks out between the two and Batman has to, reluctantly, put Dent down. However, so that Dent’s reputation remains intact, Batman then goes on ask the commissioner to blame him for all of Dents crimes, becoming the vigilante once again.

The Movie Footloose

Footloose is an American movie that was produces in 1984. It is a musical drama film that was directed by Herbert Ross and whose screenplay was written by Dean Pitchford. Its distribution and co-production was done by Paramount Pictures. Among the actors who starred in this film is Lori Singer who played the part of an independent daughter to Reverend Moore by the name of Ariel. Dianne West was also in the movie as a wife to the Reverend, she was very devoted but at the same time also conflicted. Sarah Jessica Parker also features in the movie in the beginning as a friend to Ariel. The film was shot in several locations in the county of Utah. The tractor and high school scenes were created around and in Payson Utah. The steel mill that is used in the film is the Geneva steel mill. The last part of the movie was shot in Lehi, Utah.

This movie tells the story of a Chicago teen that was upbeat by the name of Ren McCormack who migrates to a little town where rock music and dancing are prohibited all due to the hard work of a minister in the area. The film basically forms its basis on events that occurred in the little, religious and rural community of Elmore City in Oklahoma.

Ren McCormack is a teenager who has been brought up in Chicago and moves to the little tow Bomont together with his mother to stay with his uncle and aunt. Soon after getting to Bomont, Ren becomes friends with Willard who informs hi that rock music and dancing has been prohibited by the City Council. After a short time, he starts to fall for Ariel, a rebellious girl who was at the tie dating Chuck Cranston and is also the daughter to Reverend Shaw Moore who is very overprotective father and also one of the authoritative figures of the town.

After getting an insult from Chuck, the boyfriend to Ariel, Ren finds himself in a chicken game which involves tractors and in spite the fact that he has no knowledge of driving tractors, he wins the game. Shaw does not trust Ren and tells Ariel to stay away from him. Ren together with his classmates want to get rid of the law especially due to the fact that the senior prom is just about to take place.

Ren presents himself before the City Council and reads to them many Bible Verses that allege that in the olden times [people danced to celebrate, exercise or rejoice. Despite the fact that this moves Rev. Moore and her makes attempts to make them get rid of the law, he is voted against by the council. Shaw’s wife also supports the movement and tries to explain to Shaw that he cannot be a father to everyone and that he is hardly being fatherly to Ariel. She also explains that the problem is not in the dancing and music. Shaw gets a change of heart in a short time after he sees a number of the town’s folk burning books that they held the opinion were dangerous to the young ones. Getting to the realization that this situation has gone too far, Shaw stops them from burning the books.

On Sunday, Rev. Moore makes a request to his congregation to pray for the students in High School organizing the prom which has been set up outside the town in a grain mill. Shaw and his wife’s presence are noted outside for the first time dancing in several years.

The soundtrack to this movie was released in CD, vinyl, 8-track tape and cassette format. It was again released on CD in 1999 as the 15th anniversary of the movie was being celebrated. The second release had in it four additional songs; the extended 12” remix to the song “Dancing in the Sheets”, Foreigner’s Waiting for a Girl Like You, “Hurts So Good” by John MellenCamp and Bang your Head by Quiet Riot. The soundtrack has five rock singles; Never by the rock band Moving Pictures from Australia, Girl Gets Around by Sammy Hargar, Holding out for a Hero done by Bonnie Taylor, a Welsh singer and I’m Free and Title song both done by Kenny Loggins. It also includes three R&B singles; Dancing in the Streets by Shalamar, Somebody’s eyes by Karla Bonoff and let’s hear it for the Boy by Deniece Williams.

IT is without a doubt a very beautiful production. It has a moving and flowing story line and it is definitely a movie worth watching. All the soundtracks that have been included in the movie perfectly fit it and they add a certain perfect blend to it. It is a movie that you will without a doubt enjoy watching no matter how many times you watch it.

2012’s Top Movies

Here are ten of the possible best movies which will dominate the cinemas next year (arranged from early to late release).

  1. Underworld 4: Awakening
  • Release date: January 20
  • Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy
  • The racial war between the Vampires and the Lycans continues in the fourth sequel of the Underworld thriller/fantasy movie.

  1. The Avengers
  • Release date: May 4
  • Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson
  • An all-star cast will play the roles of some of the most popular superheroes against a great but unknown nemesis. The complete lineup of the Avengers will include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury, The Hulk, and Hawkeye.

  1. Men in Black 3
  • Release date: May 25
  • Stars: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
  • The fearsome duo is back fighting aliens in their signature black suits with Barry Sonnenfeld directing all the action. Anyone who is up for a big action, comedy and science fiction movie that is crawling with extraterrestrials should watch out for this movie next year.

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Release date: July 4
  • Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone
  • Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man is another re-creation of the all too familiar story of Peter Parker who will be portrayed by Andrew Garfield (gained reputation in the hit movie The Social Network). Producers said they are not trying to make a comparison between the new Spiderman movie and the celebrated trilogy directed by Sam Raimi so everyone ought to do the same when they watch it.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises
  • Release date: July 20
  • Stars: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway
  • This movie will probably blow away the rest of the upcoming movies in 2012. With the director, Christopher Nolan, saying that this will be the last flick for this successful Batman movie, everyone has big expectations for it.

  1. The Bourne Legacy
  • Release date: August 3
  • Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz
  • This project has a new cast and director since Matt Damon and the former director decided that the third book of Robert Ludlum’s bestseller trilogy was their last movie. But anybody who loves espionage-themed movies will still be rushing to the cinema to watch this.


  1. The Expendables 2
  • Release date: August 17
  • Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li
  • Another action-packed movie is on with the coming back of the rough Expendables in this second film. Expect bigger explosions, wilder gunfire, more breathtaking martial arts moves and of course, atouch of comedy.

  1. James Bond 23
  • Release date: November 9
  • Stars: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench
  • This was supposed to grace the movie theaters in 2010 but was delayed due to MGM’s financial setbacks. So the newest Bond film, which is directed by Sam Mendes, will be out later next year. With all the waiting, movie goers will be expecting a great plot, superb acting and effects just as in any Bond film.

  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
  • Release date: November 16
  • Stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
  • The second part of the finale of the worldwide phenomenon will appear on the big screens late in 2012. Similar to the two-part ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the two installments for Breaking Dawn will surely create anxiety and excitement to all Twilight fans. The Dark Knight Rises will probably not be able to blow this one off especially because their themesare not exactly of the same genre.

  1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    • Release date: December 14
    • Stars: Martin Freeman, James Nesbitt
  • Whoever missed The Lord of the Rings Trilogy will be able to relive being with Elves, dwarves, hobbits, and all of Middle Earth with this movie. The Hobbit is actually a prequel to the LOTR trilogy which tells of Bilbo Baggins’ adventure with a group of dwarves to recover a treasure from the Lonely Mountain.