The Amazing Spiderman

How is it different from others in the Spiderman franchise?

Now the basic difference that the trailers show to us is the fact that the movie starts from the very beginning of the Peter Parker story. We are first shown how Peter Parker was left to be with his aunt and uncle in the first place. It shows that Peter’s parents left him to be with them willingly, and for reasons that will only be unraveled in the movie itself. The most glaring change of course is the fact that the central role of Peter Parker and Spiderman is played by the newly inducted Andrew Garfield. The character of heroine is also changed, as it is now being played by the talented and strikingly beautiful Emma Stone.

The plot

The plot for the flick is more or less building upon the same lines as the previous three. However, Columbia is assertive of the fact that this is not a sequel to the three editions before. They say it is just a separate and a more insightful look into the character that is spider man. Even in this movie, Peter Parker is portrayed as a social misfit, aspiring for the attention of the prettiest girl in his class but never quite managing it. The story continues when the father of that girl asks him what his life is all about and he replies that ‘nothing much really’. That dialogue beautifully sums up the young Peter Parkers life pre-Spiderman.

The accident that changes the life of Peter Parker forever happens again at Emma Stone’s laboratory when Peter goes over there to meet her. Being his blundering-self, he fumbles into a room where a spider bites him while he is intrigued by the equipment over there. Peter does not have the slightest clue that the spider that has bit him is not a normal spider, but he starts to notice different biological changes in his life.

He first notices that his vision has improved over night, and is confused when he pulls out a web from the place that the spider had struck him. His evolution continues as he shows extra ordinary reflexes and moves he was previously incapable of doing. He starts to scale walls and run through abandoned alley ways, testing out his new skills. The trailer continues with a sound asking Peter if he really had any idea what he was. The sound is most likely to belong to Uncle Ben but again, we can’t be sure. What we can be sure is the fact that the upcoming movie will help us understand the character of Spider Man much better than we did before.

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